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Visual Resources have been available to MSU's Department of Art, Art History, and Design community in many formats since the early twentieth century. These visual collections support the departments curriculum as well as faculty and students throughout the university. Headed by a curator and an imaging specialist who also serves the department as academic technology coordinator, the collections include multimedia in a combination of still images, digital images, text, audio, animation, video and interactivity.

Online access to the Visual Resources Library collection is available through MDID, a university-wide image database. The collection is cataloged and maintained in the Visual Resources Library (VRL) using IRIS (Image Resource Information System), a relational database developed by a collective of visual resource professionals that incorporates the latest data standards, facilitating the potential for shared records among the visual resources community.

A video tape and DVD collection provides supplementary materials for classroom teaching and student research. The collection includes documentary footage of art historical subjects, explorations of the work and lives of contemporary artists and designers, artists' collaborations and creations of independent and experimental film, and electronic documentation of special lectures, performances presentations within the department and university.

The Visual Resources Library houses over 180,000 slides covering World Art and Architecture, ranging from prehistory to Contemporary Art. Holdings include the art of European, American, Asian, African and Oceanic Cultures.

Alex Nichols

Academic Technology Coordinator

Visual Resources Library

Rooms 32, and 32A, Kresge Art Center
(517) 355-7640