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Call For Entry Drawings at the Edge of Perception

Deadline for Entry: August 23, 2019

The Renaissance Artist and Architect Brunelleschi is credited with inventing linear perspective and so transformed spatial illusion. We are currently in the midst of a technological renaissance with virtual reality creating another seismic shift in our sense of what illusion in Art is capable of and how the viewer can interact with it.  We seek to curate an exhibition of contemporary art that uses drawing or drawing inspired work that explores the boundaries of perception in its broadest sense. From Rorschach to dream imagery, Anamorphosis to optical illusions. We are looking for work that asks the viewer to confront themselves anew, to see themselves and the world in a new way.  Visionary work that looks around the corner of possibility, drawings that make visible the boundary of what it means to see.

This call is open to everyone 18 years or older and is open to all media. Submissions can range from traditional to conceptual. Drawings at the Edge of Perception will be on view at (SCENE) Metrospace, an urban gallery in East Lansing, MI from September 13 - October 25, 2019. The only required criteria is that works must include drawing or be inspried by drawing, all works of art must be made by visual artists living in the United States.

Located in downtown East Lansing, MI, (SCENE) Metrospace was founded by the City of East Lansing in 2004, and continues to be operated by the Department of Art, Art History, and Design at Michigan State University. (SCENE) Metrospace has maintained a diverse range of visual art exhibitions, musical performances, and other forms of expression since it’s opening in 2004. In 2015 the City of East Lansing and Michigan State University joined forces to program and operate the space. (SCENE) Metrospace hosts exhibitions featuring work by contemporary artists.

(SCENE) Metrospace is free and open to the public, with the exception of some special programing. The gallery is handicap accessible and offers 1,500 square feet of raw exhibition space in a contemporary urban setting.


This exhibition is open to everyone. Professionals as well as students are encouraged to enter.


This exhibition is open to all media.



$25 for up to three entries submitted. $5 per each additional entry. Fees are non-refundable. Number of entries is unlimited. Entry fee may be paid electronically by visiting https://commerce.cashnet.com/msu_3799 


The average number of works submitted to a typical (SCENE) Metrospace group exhibition is three-per artist. Some artists choose to submit more, especially if they have a couple of different bodies of work, which they’d like our juror to consider, or if they have a suite of works that are interrelated. While we have absolutely no minimum number required, nor do we give an advantage to those who submit more, it is helpful to have a few from to select. Our jurors often gain insight into one work by seeing it in context with a few others by the same artist. We routinely accept pairs or sets of work by artists once they are determined to be a finalist.

Detail images should only be included if truly necessary for understanding the nature or quality of the artwork and these files must be named as instructed below.


Benjamin Swallow Duke, Associate Professor, Department of Art, Art History, and Design, Michigan State University

Benjamin Swallow Duke @4th_culture_art studied Literature, Philosophy, and Art at the University of Utah earning his BFA in 2002. He recieved his MFA in 2006 from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Hoffberger School of Painting. Duke has been teaching painting and drawing at Michigan State University since 2006. Duke has had numerous solo and group exhibitions, nationally, and internationally.



Please send the following information in the form of a word doc or pdf to scene@msu.edu. All entry files (regardless of type or media) must be named with artist's last name (underscore) first name, followed by the Entrant Info and Artist Statement. 


1. Your Name: First & Last

2. Address: Street, City, State, Zip code

3. Phone, area code and number

4. E-mail

5. Please include your status: professional artist, professor, or student.

If a student, please tell us where you study and at what level.

6. Artist website


Please provide us with a 250 statement about your work. Please note this will be included along with your label information in the gallery and in the exhibition publication if your work is selected for the exhibition.


(SCENE) Metrospace accepts only e-mailed digital images/files for consideration. See specifications below. The Gallery will retain the submitted images of accepted artwork and reserves the right to use the images in publications and gallery publicity. Beyond such use, the artist retains full copyright of exhibited work. 

Digital images can only be submitted by e-mail (send to: scene@msu.edu). Hi-Res, print-quality images will be requested for accepted works upon conclusion of the jury process. If suitable images are not provided, the work may not be included in the publication.

Entry images must meet the following specifications:

All entry files (regardless of type or media) must be named with artist's last name (underscore) first name, followed by the entry number as noted on the entry form (i.e. Jones_Mike_1.jpg). Please DO NOT include any other information in the file name, such as title of work, etc.

Detail, installation, or alternate view images must include the word 'detail' in the filename (i.e. Jones_Mike_1_detail1.jpg). If you do NOT include the term DETAIL as part of the filename for any additional, extra, installation, or close-up images supporting your entry these will be counted as additional separate entries and our system will expect a corresponding fee for them. The copy of your entry form sent by email will provide samples for file-naming.

Information for detail images should NOT be included on the entry form. The image files should be in HIGH QUALITY JPEG format, images should be no smaller than 1000 pixels in any direction (about 13”) and be exactly 72dpi. This should result in most image files ranging from 700kb to 2mb in file size but this is only approximate.

Please do NOT submit links to jpeg files (Google Docs or otherwise). Please attach images directly to one or more emails. Multiple emails with separate entries, if required, should include a number in the subject line (1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc.). Only video or other extremely large files should be transferred via Dropbox.com or similar service if necessary.

** Be ABSOLUTELY sure you are sending files at the correct size AND that your email app. does not automatically downsize the attached images when sending. Apple Mail, for example, provides a setting for resizing attachments in the new message composition window.

Images must be oriented properly (i.e. top of image is top of artwork) and should not include text info or borders that are not part of the actual work. When emailing images, it is preferred that you do not include messages in the body of the email, nor attach anything other than the entry images to the email (no resume, bio, receipts, signature image, or statement). Our system automatically files the attachments of each message without reading notes. If you wish to comment or ask a question you may send a follow up email with no attachments. Any essential information regarding the nature of entries should be included in the notes section for each work on the entry form. Any communications should reference the exhibit title in the subject of the email.


 Please send the following information in the form of a word doc or pdf to scene@msu.edu. All entry files (regardless of type or media) must be named with artist's last name (underscore) first name, followed by the Image Data Sheet.

1.    Number of Entries

2.    Entry Information for each piece label in the following manner all saved in one document. 

 Entry # ____



 Size In Inches HxWxD Or Duration If Applicable:


 Sale Price (Or NFS)

 Viewing Link (For Video Entries Only)

 Any Additional Notes about the artwork 



Submitting the entry form indicates that you agree with the conditions of entry and exhibit as outlined in the prospectus, that you are reserving spots in our jury, that you will send the entry fee, and that you agree to make your work available should it be selected for exhibit. DO NOT submit an entry form if you cannot follow through


Please send all documents below in as few emails as possible.

1. Completed entrant information and artists statement formatted as directed (e-mailed to scene@msu.edu )     

2. Fee paid by August 23, 2019, payable electronically by visiting https://commerce.cashnet.com/msu_3799

3. Digital images formatted as directed (e-mailed to scene@msu.edu)  

4. Image Data Sheet formatted as directed (e-mailed to scene@msu.edu)



The Department of Art, Art History, and Design at Michigan State University creates a full-color catalog documenting the works selected for juried exhibitions presented in our gallery. This marks a commitment to long-term documentation and dissemination of our projects. This catalog will be professionally designed and will be available after the exhibition has concluded. A complementary copy will be provided for each exhibiting artist and additional copies will be available at cost on lulu.com.


All work accepted for the exhibition must arrive ready to install. Works not gallery-ready, or not using good craftsmanship, may be omitted from the exhibit. All work must arrive will proper hanging hardware, please note any framed two-dimensional work must come with a hanging wire or d-ring hardware. In order to ensure the safety of all work in the space hardware is required. Accepted work that differs significantly from the entry images or suffers from poor presentation will be disqualified. Please note that professional-level presentation and craftsmanship is a must.

Work may be hand delivered or shipped. Shipped work must be sent in an easily reusable container/ packaging with return shipping prepaid. Works will be retuned in the same manner as deliver or via UPS/USPS. All work must arrive at (SCENE) Metrospace by the specified date listed below. Accepted work will remain on display for the duration of the exhibition. Works not claimed within 30 days of the end of the exhibition will become property of Michigan State University. The artists are responsible for all shipping costs to and from the gallery.


Shipped work should be sent to:

Jacquelynn Sullivan

600 Auditorium Road

Kresge Art Center

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824



Although all possible care is shown while handling and displaying the artworks, the gallery is not liable for loss or damage. Any special provisions for display of the work (i.e. audio/visual equipment, special hanging hardware, specific lighting, insurance, etc.) are to be provided by the artist.


Michigan State University does not handle the sale of artwork and therefore does not retain a commission from any sales resulting from the exhibition of artwork. Anyone interested in purchasing an artwork will be put directly in touch with the artist unless an artist has indicated that a work is not for sale. 




August 23,  2019                           Deadline for receipt of entries

        August 26, 2019                             Notifications sent by e-mail to all entrants 

        August 30, 2019                             Hi-res images needed for publication

        September 7 & 8, 2019                   Hand Delivery of Artwork 12-5PM

        September 9, 2019                         Shipped Artwork due to (SCENE) Metrospace (Please see the shipping        section of the prospectus for specific mailing instructions.)

        September 13, 2019                        Exhibition Reception 6-8PM

        October 25, 2019                             Final Day of Exhibition

        October 26 & 27, 2019-                    Pick-Up hand-delivered work 12-5pm

        October 28 & 29, 2019                 Schedule shipped artwork (Gallery will deliver to UPS/ FedEx / USPS)


Please direct any questions to scene@msu.edu.