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Saturday, January 27th

Saturday, February 3rd

Kresge Art Center, 600 Auditorium Road, East Lansing, MI

Students intending to major in Apparel and Textiles, Graphic Design, or Studio Art BFA programs at Michigan State University beginning Fall 2018 are invited to sign up for a portfolio review with department faculty. Students attending review will be considered for both direct acceptance to their BFA Program (bypassing the sophomore year review) and for creative and merit-based scholarships. These reviews also offer a chance for students to meet their major faculty, tour the facilities, and meet current students.

It is advised that students apply to MSU prior to their Portfolio Day and fill out the FAFSA form for full consideration for all need-based scholarship awards.

*Admittance to Michigan State University is a separate process from admittance to the BFA major program. All students must be accepted to MSU as stated by the Office of Admissions in order to begin their BFA program and receive scholarships.

Plan to be on campus from 11AM - 5PM. You will receive a personalized schedule after signing up, which will include:

  • Your portfolio review time.
  • A time for you to tour the department.
  • A time for you to meet with current students.

If you are invited to the ADS (Academic Distinguished Scholars) program on either date, please email Britta Urness (urness@msu.edu) so that your schedule can accommodate your testing time.


Share your portfolio digitally with coordinator Britta Urness. Portfolios can be emailed (urness@msu.edu) or shared via DropBox.

Portfolio Specifications:

  • Show a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 separate artworks.
  • Please save and share your portfolio as a single PDF file with multiple pages (no PowerPoints, single jpegs, or Photoshop files).
  • Portfolios should not exceed 15 MB in size.
  • Include this label information with each piece:

Size (h x w x d)
Year created


Please bring your portfolio or digitally (easily accessible, clear images on your own tablet or laptop computer). Show a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 separate artworks. Be prepared to talk with our area faculty about the concepts and motivations behind your work.  Artwork may be from any type of class, private instruction, workshop or personal endeavor. If you are undecided on your BFA area (ATD, GD or Studio), bring a range of work that showcases your strengths as an artist or designer.

Bring a combination of strong work from any or all areas below: 

  • 2-D Work: drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed-media
  • 3-D Work: sculpture, ceramics, glass, fiber, metals, etc.
  • Digital Work: photographs, logos, posters, web design, products, apps, videos, etc.
  • Apparel and Textile Design: sewn garments, fashion illustrations (dress forms can be provided)

MSU faculty will offer constructive feedback to student work. BFA acceptance and/or scholarship award announcements will be emailed to students shortly after the reviews.

Note: Poor performance in freshman and sophomore year major coursework may result in a sophomore year re-review of portfolio to maintain BFA status

Questions? Email AAHD Academic Adviser Britta Urness, urness@msu.edu