Michigan State University
Michigan State University
Department of Art, Art History, and Design
MFA Second Year Students

MFA All Media Exhibition

All students begin their fall semester by exhibiting their work in the MFA All Media Exhibition, at the start of the fall semester in the Kresge Art Center Galleries 101 & 114. This annual exhibition serves as an introduction to all student enrolled in the program in their first thru third years.

Second Year Exhibition Requirement

During the Fall semester of the second year graduate students mount solo exhibition in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design galleries located in the Kresge Art Center.

Regular Critiques

Graduates are expected to communicate with faculty often and participate in individual and group critiques.  These critiques take many forms and vary depending on discipline.  Sometimes they are quite informal and may include graduates, visiting artists / critics, or faculty members. 

Most areas hold mid-semester and finals group critiques that include all graduate students and faculty in the discipline. There are one to two day marathon critiques.  Additional opportunity for feedback comes from the Visiting Art and Scholar Lecture Series which invited 15 - 20 artists, scholars, and critiques to campus each year.  As a graduate student, you are expect to join in studio visits with these visitors. 

Second Year Review

This review takes place with the Major Professor and Guidance Committee During the second year of study MFA students will also participate in a review.  The second year review provides students the opportunity to reflect on where they stand in relationship to the third year exhibition and allows for consultation with the Guidance Committee to determine the focus of the thesis work.