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A fellowship is an award you apply and may be given. If you are awarded a fellowship, and it has been processed, you should be able to see it in your StuInfo account.  A fellowship is taxable.  You will receive a tax form the University at the end of the year. If you owe MSU any money, MSU will take what you owe directly from this award prior to deposition. If you have federal financial aid, you will want to check to see how this award affects any funding that you receive.

In the Department of Art, Art History, and Design graduate students are eligible for two primary fellowships. The Selma & Stanley Hollander Fellowship awarded annually by the department to a student entering their final year of study, and the Dissertation Completion Fellowship which is awarded annually by the graduate school to students entering their final year of study. Applications for these fellowship opportunities are due during the spring of the second year of study. Students studying in the College of Arts and Letters are also eligible to apply for the Varg-Sullivan Award. To determine if you are eligible for additional fellowship or award opportunities please visit the graduate school's website.